Diversity & Inclusion

An action-driven commitment to diversity and inclusion is a core value of our clients.  We help build representation and cultural competence through every aspect of an organization.

Board Development and Coaching

Clients use our services to reinforce their diversity and inclusion implementation.  We help build representation on Boards, leverage cross-cultural engagement and foster a culture of belonging through:

Diversity and inclusion policy

Board audits

Prospecting and nominations

Inclusiveness education, link to direct mission outcomes

Leadership Development and Coaching

Our clients embrace a workforce that represents their business case.  We provide leadership with customized inclusion methodologies and ways to foster retention and productivity:

Cultural competence audits

Leadership strategies, inclusion in the strategic plan

Diversity inclusion teams and roles

Belonging initiatives

Ongoing coaching

Education and Training

Our services are customized to address specific business case needs and environment concerns.  We assist clients with change management through:

Inclusiveness education, awareness and empathy training

Counseling and advisory

Mediation and case resolution

Group facilitation

Video, Branding and Communications

We assist clients in telling or developing their diversity story through:

Web and event short and long form video

Customized training session video modules

Event and training video recording

Electronic and print collateral services

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