Management & Fundraising

Our clients engage us to maximize organizational capacity, increase contributed and earned revenue, and boost brand awareness and image.  We help realize the future.

We work with Board and leadership to determine ways to scale the organization to meet desired goals.  Often, our service outcomes form the template for a new strategic plan:

Organization and Program Assessments

Opportunity and environmental audits

Positioning the organization for fundraising success

Program assessments and recommendations

Budget and staffing plans

Feasibility with potential funding prospects

In the role of campaign counsel, we work with Board, leadership and staff to implement  fundraising programs and transformative campaigns.

Fundraising Program Design and Campaigns

Fundraising design, coaching and training

Feasibility studies, case development, priority setting

Prospect research, screening, ask planning, donor rights

Video, communications

Search services

We assist Boards with services to enhance engagement and capacity:

Board Development

Coaching, meeting planning, sequencing and agendas

Board nominations, member roles and assignments

Fundraising planning, coaching, execution

Due diligence research and reports

Giving policies and related recommendations

Program audits, recommendations

We provide services to launch giving programs, oversee progressive solicitation, or to advise clients on specific opportunities:

Principal, Major and Planned Gift Counsel

Culture of philanthropy relationship building, stewardship

Planned gift calculations, gift proposals, agreements

Donor prospecting, research, priorities

Moves management and work flow goals

We excel in translating mission and goals into a dynamic visual story in video, electronic and print collateral:

Video, Branding and Communications

Positioning and marketing

Video, electronic and print collateral services

Mix and match approach for cost savings

Case statement development

Script and copy for narrative, technical and tax disclosures


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